Pro acount info

Hello, I have a query, with the PRO account, -How many applications can I upload?
-Domains should I buy separately?

Thanks I’m already watching to go to the pro

As far as I know you can have unlimited applications, but the storage space is 5GB (which is a good deal in database terms).

You can link as many domains as you feel you need.

ok great, but each app that I want to upload to android and ios … I need to buy a domain for each one or with this monthly cost already included ?.

To upload the apps do I have to pay something additional?

For IOS 100€ / year and 29 for Android I think

So what does one pay with the pro? have 5gb of storage then?

you must pay the pro + the domains + upload the app

Hi @Santiago,

There are 2 different things mixed here.

Adalo Pro plan is required, if you want to have an additional features in Adalo, like:

  • ability to publish app to the stores
  • custom domains for web apps
  • external collections and custom actions
  • DB limit lifted and raised to 5GB
    You pay a monthly subscription fee for this to Adalo.

In order to have your app in Google Play and Apple App Store, you need to register developer accounts in Google and Apple respectively. And you need to pay some annual fees to Google and Apple. These fees are something like 29 USD and 100 USD respectively.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much victor, fafa, and pfordmedia for the answer, so when I make my pro account, all the apps that I am making will be under the pro account … it only remains to buy the domain and upload them …

I thought I had to make every app I made PRO. … sorry im now in adalo and its so cool


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