How many items fit in one cell?

I have an ordering app with 20 variants that I’m fitting inn one cell. It was sending all the 20 items when I was testing it yesterday but today when I send an order it only sends the first 5 items.

Is that a problem on how many items Adalo can handle inside one cell or is this likely a problem on my end?
The strange thing is that is was working yesterday.


GIF of the selector: Screen Recording 2022-10-06...

Hey Axel,

Have you checked out the “Listify” component by Adalomatic? It may be just what you’re looking for here.

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thanks Mario, afaik that is to export as CSV whereas I need to send text in simple text format to an API and don’t trust Adalo (based on testing experience where not all data arrived all the time) to send all 20 variants I entered there.
For now, I’ll split the input into a few columns so that there’s a higher chance it all goes through. But it’d be great if you know of a better way to store 20 variants and send them to an API (without having to parse a CSV). :slight_smile:

the listify component can fill that entire field. Ill show you in a few.

Listify with all “projects” collection set as CSV with only the project name

Button to create the record

And the record created:

it does insert quotation marks and commas but I find that this is super easy to work with.