How many user records can affect app performance?

More or less, how many records in the db (registrations, for various user information), can affect the overall performance of the app?

Furthermore, how many simultaneous accesses in real time of users can affect?

thousand users? Ten thousand users? One hundred thousand users?


Update Please. I have read that SPEED improvement is in progress, but I would like to understand how many simultaneous and NOT (only registered) users can be maintained without problems.

An app could go viral in no time and many users could sign up.

Hi, I have seen a lot of apps & developed them too via Adalo.

If you talk about how many users can affect the app let me share my experience I’ve seen apps with 500+ users & 5K+ users but the performance of 500 users app will be faster than 5k+ users but I want to mention one thing the “5K+ users app does not affect the performance too much”

But as you know Adalo is already working on Autoscale & I hope you’ll soon see the difference.

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