Application with over 2000 users

Would you be kind and tell would i be able to run application with over 2000 users with adalo?
Applications would be light weigheted, news and articles primarly and videos from time to time but from vimeo/youtube.

Best regards

Hey Adrian @adis461,

Yes, this seems to be possible.
Please keep in mind the performance may also depend on other factors (e.g. if these 2K users will create 1K records each, which means 2M records, this may affect overall app performance).

Best regards, Victor.

At this point app will be primarly based on content providing so there will be none “creating” records by users. So int that case should it performed well even with 5-10 k users?

Best Regards

In my opinion that should be ok. It’s not the database size, it’s the more app complexity and usage intensity.
I’ve seen apps with 30K+ records in one collection and they work ok (unless you try to display all 30K records :slight_smile: ).

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