How many users could adalo support?

How much money/ new infrastructure would adalo need for one app to have 50,000,000 users?
I saw a discussion saying it could barely manage 1 million, and that got me thinking. How many could adalo possibly still function with?

If your app will have more than 50k for example, you really need to think of other options.

Firstly, your user collection will definitely not open anymore,

Secondly, the app will be very slow especially the filtering, it needs to pass user by user on the front-end which will make the experience very very bad

Adalo is built to get your idea off the ground and prove it works. That’s what it does best. Everyone dreams to have 1 million users but it’s just silly to build infrastructure for it before your app has product market fit.

Adalo internal database isn’t lightning but they have external API support to help you scale to a decent size.

But the whole Adalo infrastructure is built on react native, so you can port to web, android and iOS in one shot. That helps you test your idea across a massive audience with minimal investment.

Any app that has 1 million users let alone 20 million should be refactored using purely native code and should be able to afford dedicated devs to do that.

Use Adalo to get to your first 100,000 users, use xano or an external database that can scale and then invest in scaling to millions.