Is Adalo viable as a platform for commercial app

Hi, Before I get to far in developing an app in Adalo, is it something that can genuinely host a load of users (100,000 plus) ? and have any of you had any performance issues that i should be aware of?

Hi @Fred ,
There are a couple of apps with that amount of users, somewhere in the forum you can find them.

There are a lot of topics running around the forum regarding performance, so will not deep dive

Main factors for your app to have success:

  • Database you choose
  • How you build the relationships of your databases
  • Number of screens
  • Number of Components in each screen
  • Number of conditions in each screen
  • Number of custom actions in each screen.
  • Finally, number of recurrent users in the system

Finally what your app is going to perform? If you have a chat app with 100k users, I would say, that will be a challenge, if it is an app more passive with not that many updates in real time, then yes.

If your App contains a back office side and a user frontend, best thing to do from beginning is separate into 2 apps.

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Hi @Fred ,

I would say go for Adalo first, it is very low barrier to use it, you can have lots of help here and the logic would be portable to use it in other tools.

If you want older brother, there is Bubble that have the option to be hosted in your nearest region and they both share almost the same logic to use, but different editor, but once you get the hang of one of them, it is a smooth experience.

This way would save you thousands of dollars for code solution, unless you have that kind of money to spend and know that your app will need to be scalable from day 1.

Yes. You can do it with Adalo.

Performance depends a lot on how you set up your app, screens, database, etc.

Hi, Thank you all for replying… Ok, I will give it a go :slight_smile:

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