Is there a successful app that uses adalo

Is there a profitable app that is successful using adalo? I cannot find anything on Google, my two main concerns is how many users can adalo database hold

I made 3000 users in a short time on my app. We’ll see when I get 10,000 if the database still holds. It has to be said that there are no lists nor complicated collections and so far it’s going like a charm. I have seen apps with 10k users do well. When you are talking about 500K or millions of users performing actions, at that point I think you have the money to afford a real app and a real development team :grimacing:

Will using Adalo database be sufficient at let’s say 10k users? Or do you recommend an external data base at 3k

It depends on the complexity of the app and the relationships in the database but potentially I would say that up to 5-10k users, you are safe with the built-in Adalo database

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Thank you!

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