How to make individual items in a list sometimes visible

Ok so I know how to make the entire list “Sometimes Visible,” but, I am looking to see if it’s possible to make individual items within that list “Sometimes Visible.”

The use case of this is that I have a list of restaurants, but I only want to make the ones that are visible only the ones that are currently open. When I choose the “Sometimes Visible” option i can only pick from a sum/average/etc. of ALL restaurants.

Is there a way to do this? I have tried to make the rectangle box of the list “Sometimes” visible, but this didn’t solve my problem, besides just making the background box disappear… I also have tired to sort it so only restaurants with a visible “rectangle box” shows, but I dont think that is an option.

Any help but also suggestions for workaround are greatly appreciated!

You need to use filters in the list here, not the sometimes visible feature. So a list of restaurants where > open = true for example.

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Would that be another column in the database of restaurants? how would you make a data point that is “open?” It would have to be one that’s always updating right?

I guess it would be… =IF(AND(open time<current time,current time<open time), Open, Closed)… but I have no idea how to get that to happen in Adalo…

Curious as to what you may suggest

You have to do some date/time calculations.

(You don’t need open2 and close2, I was just testing something else with those 2 parameters)

In this example, we’re open 8am to 6pm mon-fri, 8am to 5pm sat, and closed on sunday.

Following the tutorials here, we’re able to calculate the time of day:

Then we have to use some calculations and an input field to calculate which day of the week it currently is:

Then do the same to calculate the current time with another input field:

Then put the filter on the list to dispay the right day number based on the today’s date input.

Last, set up your closed vs open display differences and set the visibility on those:

Hope that helps!

This is what it looks like on the live view:

How do you make a “live” data point that would show open and closed? I have done time fractions for opening and closing times already. But cannot figure out how to make the Open/Closed column constantly updating (it only updates when I submit the form, and recalculates the open/closed status based on the current time I submitted it at)

Hi, thank you for this. It really helps.

I have a question, I created the input field… but it dosent calculate the current time, but rather still an input field? What am I doing wrong? Is it not supposed to show?


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