How to add Bullet Points to a TextBox

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Apologies if this comes across as a silly question (I’m still relatively new to Adalo), but is there a way to add bullet points to a text box? Furthermore, is there a way to edit the bullets to include a symbol/pic you would prefer?

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Adalo currently does not have advanced text editing options.

To add bullet points, you need to use text symbols. Something like this:

From that website, you can copy the text symbol and paste it into the Adalo text field.

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This is great, thanks.
I have this site bookmarked : )

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Vote for this request! : Rich Text Formatting | Voters | Adalo

Steven made a component for this but it’s not in the Pragmaflow Marketplace! : Rich Text Formatting | Voters | Adalo

I guess you need to download it from Github : Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end - #48 by James_App_Maker Didn’t tried it yet because unable to download this on my computer :dotted_line_face:: Components for Private Use - #7 by TKOTC

You can post this request on the #jobs-freelance category too that maybe other component developers will see it and make a component if possible!

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