How to automatically cut text so it continues on the next line

Hello guys,
I am trying to set a text so it automatically ends on one side (end of the line, on the right side) and continues on the second line (from the left side) - like a normal text. However, I cannot manage to do that. If I use multi-line, it continues on one line and goes offscreen. Is there a way how to make it responsive so it automatically cuts and goes to the next line (like a normal text)? Thank you :slight_smile:

This is controlled by the width of the box. Set the width of the box to the maximum width you want and enable multi line and it will break at the box width and go on to the next line.

Thanks, it works. However, it seems like it is not able to cut a long word as it goes offscreen. But I assume it is something that cannot be solved :thinking:

It should move the long word to the next line, it doesn’t hyphenate unfortunately.

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However, it does not so if you write a long word it goes offscreen and does not continue on the next line. :upside_down_face:

I have done some testing and this only seems to be the case if the long word covers the whole line, if there is a small word, then a space and a long word, it goes to the next line

Working fine with at least one word and space before the long word…

Not working fine if only one word or no spaces on one line…

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Anyway, I appreciate your help. Maybe something Adalo could work on in a future :wink: Thank you!

If you can show me some common 41 letter words, we will be happy to look into solving this problem :wink:

There’s no need to be funny instead of addressing issues :wink: I know there are probably no common such a long words in English, but you don’t know what a user wants to write there, maybe in different languages :upside_down_face:

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