How to automatically update apps when a new version is released?

Currently, users need to update their app manually. Is there any way it can be done automatically when a new version is released?


Currently you have to start a build in ios and android
For IOS when new build is created, it goes to testflight. you can create new app version and submit for review.
For Android you have to access the Google play console and create new release under the production tab.

I have personally update version regularly, it is quite a pain initially, but after that it is quite fast when you get used to it.

Hope this helps.

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Currenly after a review of each version from Apple and Google, users need to visit the Google or Apple store to update the app to the later version.

My question is if there is any way that my app is automatically updated to the latest version when users open the app.

Hi @BladingB,

You can’t update the app without an explicit user permission. On both iOS and Android there are settings to turn on/off automatic app updates. As I remember, this is part of the policy.

Reg. managing app versions from inside the app - this thread might be useful for you: Force mandatory update to latest version

Best regards, Victor.

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