How to block a user

Hello, in the app we have a very annoying person, we eliminate him and he recreates users, is there any way to block the IP or his cell phone?

You can create a collection of “blocked IP addresses” but you’ll need an API to grab the user’s IP address.

Something like a loading screen with 3 countdown timers and an input.

The first countdown timer should do an API call to grab the user’s IP address and then fill the input with the IP address returned with a “Change input value” action.

The 2nd countdown timer should be in a list of Blocked IP Addresses where the IP address is equal to the input. The action on the countdown timer should link to an error/blocked user screen.

The 3rd countdown timer should link to the home screen. Set the visibility of this to sometimes if Blocked IP Addresses > count > is equal to 0 with a filter IP address is equal to input.

Group countdown 2nd and 3rd countdown timers and set the visibility of this group to sometimes visible if the input is not equal to empty.

Great friend thanks for answering, I’ll start looking for apis for that … very grateful

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In the event that IP data is blocked, you might want to look into how you’re handling your user verification.

So, I don’t delete banned users. I have a ‘banned’ variable set for T/F in my database and if it’s set to true, that email address is ‘locked up’ and not able to be used.

You can also set it up so they have to verify their email address, so they are not as easily able to input any email address, dummy information essentially.

And then of course you could instead verify via SMS and then block that phone number.

By tying it to digital real estate that takes a lot of effort to create (an email address company will block them from signing up for email addresses repeatedly) you can shift some of the process back onto the user being a pain. And utilize some of the systems of larger companies in blocking the abuse (multiple gmail accounts, etc) and then phone numbers are a bit more expensive to have to verify / have multiples of, for SMS verification.

In the event that the person is especially annoying.

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Great, I will also see this option, I have verification with email, an email with an id is registered and until you validate it, your profile is not activated, but you can see that I created a false email and this person is very annoying in the app. .

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Another way to do it is to have a UserIsBlocked true/false flag on the user profile, on the home screen you have an action running that if UserIsBlocked = true then log user out.
You’d also have the same rule running as a click action on login to prevent the blocked user from logging back in again…or, redirect them to a support page with instructions on what to do.
We run something like this and it works great, nice and simple : )

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f I love it, I also did the true or false but I create another email and it continues to bother me, so I thought of the option that each user who wants to create is blocked

I tell you what I did that is working well for me … in the users collection I put a true / false that is Userblocked, and a splash with a timer … when the timer reaches zero if the user is blocked it goes to a screen black that says that we are updating (this screen does not have back buttons, or close session or anything, that is, the session remains open) you will not be able to close it … and if it is not blocked it goes to home

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I like the efficiency, hopefully it helps with the unruly person!

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wanted to mention really quick, make sure your default is ‘not blocked’ when users are created. That would be very frustrating for users if everyone is blocked lol

yes of course when they enter … userblock> false… and only we block them in the database userblock> true