How to clear cache of an input field

I have a number input field in a modal that updates the countdown field on Screen A. I have the countdown component on Screen A for testing. When the countdown is finished the action is set to update a listing field value in the database.

Expected result
The assigned database field should be updated and input field cleared. When revisiting Screen A, the countdown component should be inactive.

Actual result
The assigned database field gets updated but the input field remains in “cache”. When visiting Screen A, the counter resets to the last number entered in the input field.

Screen A


Add additional action “Change input value” and set it to a default value you wish

Thanks @bhanu I’ve been taking that route as well. I put a high value for now and see how it turns out. In the meantime, I posted a related question at How to ensure countdown timer applies for each record in a collection Your feedback is appreciated.

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