How to combine themes and topics, how to filtering using form information?

I am trying to enable a user to select a theme and then have that theme drive different images for each topic in a list of topics and subsequent clicks into each topic.

I want to include some logic to exclude some topics for users (based on the answers to questions collected on a form using drop down menus).

So far I have set up the form with drop down menus using separate collections and can update the user collection with this. I have a topics collection with information for 5 topics. I have a themes collection in which I have a library of theme options with one image per topic.

2 questions:

  • How best to set up the collections so that the right image (ie relevant to the user selected theme and the topic) can be displayed when a user has selected a topic? Is this possible?
  • How to hide some topics based on answers collected on the drop down form?


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