Multiple filters for users to display a list

Hello !

So I have a list a posts by users, and each user have ‘caracteristics’, I would like any user to display the list of posts by using filters on these caracteristics.
Example : user X would like to see the posts of all the users with the caracteristics A,B and C or just A and C etc. Has anyone ever managed to do something like that ? I tried some workaroungs with the toggles to combine filters, but it seems complicated to connect it to the list. Could the multi-selection Drop Down menu help with that ? The caracteristics are properties in the user collection now but I guess I might to dedicate a collection for it…

Love the tool by the way and had really greatfull insights from reading the forum ! But i’m stuck on this one :confused:

Thank you !

Hi Issa,

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Take a look at this cloneable app I made showing how to do this.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi James,

Thanks a lot for your help ! I started working on it and it seems to work, I will let you know with further implementations, but again thanks a lot !

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Hi @James_App_Maker,

I tried your way with a dropdown menu and a multiselect dropdown menu, which would fit perfectly my needs, but when I try to set the the second filter for it, I can’t find the multiselect in the ‘forms inputs’, would you know how I can fix this ?
The idea is to be able to select several criterias on the second dropdown menu (it means the collection on the multiselect has a many to many relationship with the user). Please let me know if it’s not clear…

Oh and I saw @emmadigital had the same issue in an other topic, Hello Emma ! Would you mind telling me how you worked this out ? That would be nice of you if you had a few minutes for that !


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