How to Count Up (Opposite of Countdown)

Hey guys, would really appreciate some insight here.
I’m trying to create a feature to count up time that has passed since a “start date”
This is to count the days, hours, seconds since someone has had their last cigarette.

I was hoping the NoCoder HQ Countdown would do the trick - and it does to countdown the time until someone begins their quit attempt (assuming it’s in the future). But once someone has passed the designated time to quit, then I want the countdown (or a different method) to begin counting up.

Currently, I have the HQ counting down from the User Record’s Quit Date.
Once the countdown reaches zero then I’m just not sure where to go from there - to count up.

Would appreciate some help or guidance here. I’m definitely not set on using the HQ Countdown App to count up. Really, I’m open to whatever does the trick and accomplishes the objective, thanks for your insights!

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