How to create action for each image in image list

I am creating a menu for the restaurant with categories food and drinks. How to make the action or link for each image in the list to a certain category, e.g. when I press FOOD image in the MENU screen I am transferred to a screen with food list. Thank you in advance

Hi @JuliaK ,

It depends on your database setup.

If you separate the food and drink into different collections, you might need to set code to be used in conditional link actions.

But I would suggest to put both food and drink into the same collection and differentiate them with category, this way you can group them and later be used in reporting.

Thank you! I have changed as you advised FOOD and DRINKS from 2 different collections into one/ But I am mixed up how to split them into 2 categories/ To create another database?

Yes, create new collection called category.

Add relationship to menu collection so that menu can have 1 category, category can have multiple menu.

Thank’s a lot!!! I managed to adjust!)))

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