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Hello everyone, I’m a new user in adalo, and I don’t understand how to make a different menu,Is there a way to achieve this?

Hello, welcome to Adalo… that is the visibility of a category… you must create a collection of categories of your business in the database… it must have Title and photo…

You should also create a collection of Products relative to category… so when you click on the category list you can go to another page and show you all the products of the current category

hi @Santiago
thanks for the feedback…i’ll give it a try

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Hi… @Santiago
I’ve followed what you suggested, I’ve created visibility for two different menus, when I click on the “Layanan Masyarakat” menu it works as I expected, but when I click on the “Umkm” menu the position is not what I expected, how about how to solve this?

Hello, one thing is a menu and another thing is a collection of categories.

For example a clothing store


and each category has items

In the home it puts a list of CATEGORIES and when you click it goes to a screen where there are ITEMS … and it will show the items of the current category

The list will always be in the same place, it will not move, I don’t know how you put it together.
sure you put two lists with visibility then there is the problem because it moves

the menu consists of two different data, so I created a database for each menu,

number 1 is the community service menu
number 2 is the Umkm . menu

If that’s why I told you, it moves because you surely have two lists with visibility… will you show me how Home is? that is, that horizontal list… is it a collection or are they photos?

Screenshot 2022-10-27 225031

horizontal list

So you don’t need to put two lists, because if it’s a horizontal list, that list must have a relationship with the menus, so clicking on the list takes you to the page where the menus of current list name are

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