How to Create An order with 3 states (New, Open, Closed)?

Hello, I’m creating a multi-sided app (2 user types) where one user creates a “new” order and it’s status needs to be new when it’s created. From there, another user will see it and accept to “open” it, changing it’s status to open and, then, the original user will “close” it once complete. Need to be able to filter and view orders by new/open/closed. I’ve created my order collection and created/linked another status collection with 3 text properties (new, open, closed) but can’t make it work. Can anyone help or provide an example? Thanks,

Hi @aaronl ,

The easiest would be to have string field in order collection, and initialize with status when using create action.

Could you provide an example please? Thanks for responding.

  1. Add a string field in order collection, called status
  2. In Create action, fill the status with “New”

If the status is changed,

  1. Update action, fill the status with “Open” or “Closed”

Is the string field a text property with new, open and closed listed and separated by commas?

It should be simple text without comma.

Can we do this later today? I’m tied up at the moment

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