Adding Statuses to Items

What’s the best way to add a list of statuses to an item? For example, we’re having people request a kit from us. When they first open to request a kit, I want to mark that as OPEN. Once they submit all the details for the kit, I want to then update the status to PROCESSING. Then once we’re done internally, I want to update the status to SHIPPED. And so on …

My two thoughts were to add each status as a True/False to the collection and just update each status type based on the action. So, to move to PROCESSING from OPEN, the action would update the collection KIT and update the OPEN property as FALSE and the PROCESSING property as TRUE. And so on …

Another idea was to create a collection called STATUSES and have it have a relationship with the KIT COLLECTIONS, which I believe would be a many-to-many?

I also need the ability to create some sort of log so that it shows - on X date it was marked as OPEN, on Y date is was marked as CLOSED.

Any ideas are appreciated!

Does this help? Let me know if it doesn’t, or if you have other questions.

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Thanks @nodnarb1129! I really appreciate the offer to help.

Hey @nodnarb1129, don’t know how I missed the video. Just took a look through it. I’m definitely going to use that on the feed part of my app where I want sort of multi-select states but on one page.

Not sure if it would work for the statuses concept I’m trying to figure out.

Basically, just think of what I’m trying to do like an amazon order.

When someone places an order, their system marks that order as OPEN.
Then let’s say a robot is instructed to then go fetch the item when it’s OPEN and when the robot agrees to go get it they update the order to say PROCESSING.
After the robot picks the item, the order gets updated to say IN TRANSIT.
Once the robot drops the item off to be packaged, the order gets updated to say DROPPED OFF.
And so on …

And, naturally, you’d want the ability to then time stamp when each status changed and what it was changed too.

So, as of right now, I simply have multiple true/false fields attached to the order collection and I’m just updating each field based on when a button is clicked on certain screen. This sorta works but can’t figure out how to then show a log of when an action updated the database and what it updated it to/from.

You’re the man for taking the time out of your day to make that video. I’ll definitely pay it forward.

@nodnarb1129, actually, it might work. But would it work in a list?

So, in the photo I want that beige pill to be populated with the status. So, was just thinking of something like you did and put the statuses in a column…


And then each status would have a conditional to only show if the property is true. So, if OPEN is true, show OPEN.

Can you share your app with me? Maybe make it cloneable so I can get in there and see what you’re working with? That might help this go a little quicker.

That could work. Just heading out the door now but will get something over as soon as I get back to working on it, maybe a walkthrough and explanation or a clone. Really appreciate you willing to help.

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Hi @greg_noobdiscs @nodnarb1129

As I understand, the aim is not only to display order filtered by different statuses, but also to track the status changes.
It’s possible to store status change timestamp in Orders DB Collection (add fields for that). Though I would suggest to introduce additional Collection “Order statuses” and put all changes there. For each order, you will be able to extract all the status history for each order. However, this “Order Statues” collection is purely informational - I think you will still need to keep the status info inside orders, for the app logic itself.

Just my 2 cents, sorry to interfere :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Victor. Yea, I think having the logic reside on the actual item (in my case the collection is called Created Discs). So I have True/False properties such as “Is Open?” “Is Processing?” and update the fields as it progresses. Then, I like your idea of creating a new collection called Order Statuses, which is really just a log, and create a new record when one of the properties gets updated. So, if someone submits their order, “Is Open” would get set to false, then “Is processing” would get set to true and I’d also then update the Order Status collection to create a new record when “is processing” was updated.

I’ll let ya both know how it goes.

Thanks @Victor and @nodnarb1129 for the help so far. I’ll certainly pay it forward.


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