How to create database for an uber eats like app

How can i create the database for an app similar to uber eats or door dash… I want to 4 different type of users with their unique style of sign up and logins. User 1 will be the customer who can order food, 2) will be the the different restaurants that can sign up and list their menu’s, 3) the delivery partners who can sign up to deliver food ordered from restaurants to customers and 4) the admin who controls all the activity going on in the app from, from adding users, blocking, deleting and editing all other basic things in the app.

  1. Currently i am working on the web app version, so i will like to know how to integrate the database for it to effectively operate as i have listed. Where the category of user in which any one falls under can register to be a customer, restaurant or delivery person.

When i be creating the mobile app version i’ll like to create different apps for theses users but with similar db, thats by the way for now.