How to create simple questionnaire feature


I want to create very simple questionnaire feature.

This is the video of the feature that I want to do. (This is just a mock app.)

  • Show question list and answer options.
  • When user selected all the question’s answer and click the button, goes to next page. Then show this answer’s average point and past history.

I know radio button is not supported by Adalo, so drop down list is ok.

But I have no idea what database structure should be in this feature…
I would be grateful if you would give me a good solution or even small hint.


So bear in mind that for creating a selectable option you need to create antoher database.

So first of all, you have the database that is going to be the questionaire.

Second you have a database from questions A, and under name you input all the variables.

Thirdly you link as a relationship the database question A with databse questionaire. Then you can deploy a dropdown list into the form.

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Thank you very much!
I will try following your advice :sparkles:

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