How to display followers?

Hi everyone. I’m developing an Instagram app clone like this:

And I want when I click to the followers it will display who follow that user like this:

But I don’t know how to display the list of followers. This is what I set up behind:

Does anyone have an idea?
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Your screenshot looks correct, however, your setup might need to be current user > followers, rather than logged-in user followers. If this is a public page for anyone you view, make sure it is a list of current user > followers. If this is a specific page you made that only shows your own profile, then logged-in user > followers, is fine.


Oh yeah that’s right. It works haha thank you so much.

Another problem comes in. In the title and subtitle I want to display the Full name and User name all of the followers. But I’m not sure what I should choose.

It’s not this right? Or maybe like this?

Can you help me?

Your second screenshot looks correct here

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