Showing a list of followers that includes the followers picture and name

Hey! Isn’t Adalo awesome?! I ran into an issue and am seeking some advice on how to solve it.

I am working on a an app that lets you “friend” users on their profile and if they accept your request, you can then chat or schedule a meeting with them.

I have been following Patrick Ford’s excellent videos on how to create a friend request system:

Patrick’s Video

I have the friend request part working great. Here is my users profile page, with buttons that report the status of the request:

And I have a screen that is working that shows incoming requests and the user can accept and deny them:

Now that it is working, I am trying to create a screen that shows the logged in user all of their “followers” and lets them initiate a meeting or a chat with each:

Based on Patrick’s tutorial, in each user profile, I have a property called “followers” that lists each users followers:

However, I can’t seem to figure out how to alter this setup so that each follower’s name and profile picture could be displayed in the list of followers.

Any thoughts on how this could be achieved?



Calling @pfordmedia :slight_smile:

Perhaps you may know more about this than me :slight_smile:

Hi Spencer, I love the setup you have going on. It looks like you already have that setup in the 3rd screenshot you sent? Can you explain a little bit more about what you want it to do?

Hi @pfordmedia! Thanks for the help! Great videos by the way!

I have the friend request working and I am able to show a list of followers and their profile pictures + names. Now I am trying to make it so that I can easily create a chat session with each follower but I am struggling to think through how this could be done. All of the chat tutorials work on the basis of making a chat from a conversation or already existing collection (like a trip) but the way we setup “followers” makes it so that is not a collection.

Basically, how would you go about creating a list that showed each of your followers and then enabled you to tap a button and instantly chat with that person?

I got pretty far by making a chat screen like normal and then creating a message index inside the Message collection that contained all the user’s emails that should be included in the chat. I then filtered that message screen to only show messages that contained the logged in user and the current user. However, once I got this far I could not get read receipts to work because messages did not belong to a conversation. Thus, I could not add a property to track when the conversation was last viewed.

Ideally, the followers screen would allow you to chat with any follower and also show a read receipt of any unread messages.

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