How to display type membership on a user account page

Hi everyone, I’m creating an app with 2-3 types of users. On the account page I would like to display what type of user they are (3: free/paid monthly/paid yearly or 2: free/paid).

In my database for the collection ‘User’ I have true/false for Premium user. And I have it linked to collection ‘membership’.

How can I display their membership? I’ve tried forms (see left) and show/hide label based on visibility conditions, but this won’t display in the same position.

Hi @jannava,

You can create a One to Many to relationship between Users and Memberships. And then Membership property will create on Users collection and Users property will create on the Memberships collection ( I think you have done it! ). Then you can update the Membership property and add a filter to the form’s Membership field Name>is equal to>Logged in user’s>Membership>Name.

Hope I’m correct!

Thank you

thanks @dilon_perera , I’m not sure why…but I cannot preview my app anymore? Black screen via preview, via share it messages ‘not found’ and when I try with the link on my phone it results in app not found :exploding_head:

Thanks @dilon_perera I see their issue is resolved.

Unfortunately i don’t get the membership working. I think I’m missing or misunderstanding a crucial step…

I have the ‘user can have 1 membership’ and ‘a membership can have multiple users’ setting. Now when i setup the register form, should I include a visible field for the membership and somehow only display/set default to free or is there another way? FYI I would like to persuade the user in a later step to upgrade, so by default all my newly registered users should get the free membership ‘tag’.

So I can’t find the option which you describe. And if I try to add an automatic field in the form, choose membership>logged in user>membership there is no way to set a default

Thanks for your patience

@dilon_perera my setup is a bit ‘complex’:

I have 2 list pages: A) for premium users: all content accessible and B) for free users: all content displayed, but just a few accessible.
The list pages share the same content database. In this database I have created a toggle ‘paid content’ and a toggle ‘premium customer’. On register I give a true/false condition (by default 'premium = false) and the user will go to B list page. From there he can click the non-accessible content, get a modal to upgrade to Premium, and when that is realised he will go to list page A.
Ideally I only want 1 list page, however I couldn’t get 2 conditions at the same time working: if paid content and free user, then deny access and show lock / if paid content and paid user, allow all acces and hide lock.

In the end I would like 3 types of members: free, paid-month, paid-year. This isn’t possible by toggle, so I created the ‘membership’ collection. I know how to add a dropdown for membership in the register form, but then I face another challenge: how to make rules based on their choice, where they will land next?
Example 1: user chooses free membership in register form → user will need to get premium=false tag and be directed to list page B.
Example 2: user chooses a paid membership (either month/year) option in register form → user will need to be offered a way to pay for this membership before his account is actually created and only after that get the premium=true tag and go to list page A.

So right now, I have added the membership dropdown in the register form and whatever the user chooses, this will be stored correctly in the user’s profile, so will also display correctly on the ‘my account’ page. However, the issue I face is that I would like to either set the default of membership (in the background) to free user OR I need to find a way when the user chooses in the membership dropdown a choice, to direct this user to the correct page.

Please let me know if I made a mistake in the setup of my database/app with the 2 lists pages, if there is a smarter/cleaner way. Thanks a mill!

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