Two-sided user app showing current details of another user's profile

Hi team,

I am building a two-sided user app and want one user group to see all the users.

When creating a search component (or a list) and linking it to Users (where I am collecting information about both the groups and separating the type of users by a true/false) I can only add title, subtitle, etc. from the logged in user, but not of the other users.

How can I achieve that?

Passion Fruit

Hi @Passion_Fruit,

You need to create a list, then set up this list to Users collection, and then you’ll have a possibility to use “Current User” → property you want. Please see the screenshots below.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor,

Thanks for getting back to me. Let me try to describe the use case again:

  • I have two user types (creator and not creator; I set it up with a true/false in the user collection)
  • A user who is not a creator should be able to go through a list of all creators and access their profiles to see their products

Unfortunately, I am not able to solve the issue. What can I try?

Please see my screenshot below:

Hi everyone,

anyone can help here?


Hi @Passion_Fruit,

Sorry, I can’t exactly get what you don’t manage to achieve.

You have a simple list of Users. Add a filter to it, so that “Creator” is “True”. Then for Title you can select, say, Current User’s Full name, for Subtitle - say, Company name or something else, and so on.

As a result, your app user will see the list of Users-Creators, with their info.

Best regards, Victor.


Thanks a lot Victor!

That works, of course! :slight_smile:


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