How to drip content out day by day?

Hi all! Looking to be pointed in the right direction. We have a 6-week program with a different mini-lesson and action items dripped out every day.

For example, the content for day 7 of the program needs to show up 7 days after their program begins, regardless of when that might be.

Can anyone get me on the right track?

Hi @johnsirrine,
How about if you create a screen action that checks the number of days between the current date and the start date. You can then use that number to access the appropriate content for the given day.

Yeah, screen actions are a way.

Alternatively you could - if you’re using a list to access the mini-lessons - filter it by the date. For example: you set a release date for every mini lesson. When the Current date is eaqual to or newer than the release date, you show the lesson in the list.

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