How to set up answer piping between screens

Hopefully someone can help me out.

I am working on an App. On screen ‘A’ I want users to select a series of ‘nested’ drop down menus. Example choosing year, month and day. These drop down menus are used to query the database to find information the user is requesting. Once they submit it goes to screen ‘B’. On screen ‘B’ I want to have answer piping where the user has text quoting their answers. For example I want text to say " your date of 1977 January 27 has the following information ‘blah blah blah’ "

Is this possible and if yes can anyone point me to the information on how to do it.

Hi @tinka ,

I did similar with this.

Have a collection for every date that your users can pick, link to information collection if needed.

Then have a make-list button according to the selected date and link to another screen, in this way you will get the available data to process.

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