Push notification screen to list item

I have an app where they are getting daily notifications when they have drip content available but can I point them to a specific list entry when they tap on notifications?

Hey there @karandex

You can add a new screen and call it “Daily Drip”

Add a list to this screen that contains only the content that’s available for that specific day.

Not sure how you have the database for it but I imagine it could be like this:

The “Content” collection has a number parameter called “Drip Day”. So Drip day 1 would have day 1’s content.

Add an input component to your screen and set it as a number input. Label the input “Current Drip Day Input” Set the default value to a custom formula. In the custom formula, set “Start of today MINUS Logged in user > created date”. This will give you the logged-in user’s current drip day they’re in based on when they signed up.

So the list will be a list of “Content” where “Drip Day” is equal to “Current Drip Day Input” and set the maximum number of items to 1.

On your notification that you send, set the screen to the “Daily Drip” screen.

Clever solution. I will try it. But the main problem is, if users has closed the app from the background and he/she taps on a notification it will always get them to home page.
I thought of doing it with deep link component of pragmaflow and putting link in the website section of screen option in trigger notification but does nothing, there is no magic text or any way to put custom url.

It will still work if you have this option set to the “Daily Drip” screen:

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