Idea: Loading Wheels In Labels?

Hey! I know the team are working hard on speeding up the infrastructure.

In the meantime, does anyone know if/how it might be possible to display a placeholder (e.g., loading circle, or custom text) in a label while the magic text/formula is fetching refreshed results?

Or has anyone experimented with a clever way of e.g., pre-fetching data to input fields on a hidden screen and then populating another screen with that data when a user first loads up the app?

Right now, I have an issue where the app is showing old data in those labels for up to a few seconds while it reloads with no indication that a reload is coming, which could cause confusion - especially if responses are delayed.

Interested to hear your thoughts, Arthur

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Checkout lottiefiles component, these can be used as placeholders (ex: a spinning wheel) while your data is loading.

Lottiefiles are super lightweight and loads instantly.

You literally just blew my mind. Thank you!

EDIT: I’m not sure this solution will work.

The data only starts to refresh on screen load so I can’t go via a loading screen (unless I engineer the workout at the end of this post).

Also, there’s no way to hide the animation once it’s finished (or trigger it to hide once the data has finished updating) so as far as I can see, I’ll just be stuck with the animation occluding the labels. (It’s not just that the labels contain nothing while the data is being refreshed, they often contain the WRONG data!)

Even if I use a modal popup, I’m still stuck with the issue of the end of the animation not being timed to the end of the data being loaded.

Would be great if there was just a “loading” icon built into the magic text feature for data that’s still being refreshed (like there is, for example, when I click a button and the app waits for actions to take place before linking to the next screen)… :thinking:

Or, I’m thinking I could link to a loading screen with a Lottie animation and on that screen preload a whole load of form inputs on another hidden screen or in temp variables and then link to the screen where the labels just pull from the form inputs or temp variables (so there’s no need for a direct refresh on the screen)… seems like a bit of a crazy workaround though!

Still need to puzzle this one out…

Just check this

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Thanks @joserafa83 - this wasn’t what I was looking for but it’s a great tip!

So I solved this issue in the following way:

  1. Create a loading screen with a Lottie loading wheel;
  2. Use actions on that screen to store variables in temp columns in the Users collection;
  3. Make the last action on the loading screen a link to the data screen;
  4. Load the labels from the Users collection (instead of doing realtime counts and sums).

Result is an instantly loaded data screen instead of one where the labels were slowly and asynchronously refreshing themselves.

You can see it in action at

And here’s a screenshot of the flow…


Great solution! I may have to use that idea in something I am working on.

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