Photo and video content by api

Help. Users add a lot of photo and video content, how to make the video not youtube, how to add photo and video material through api, with viewing in adalo, storage on another server or cloud, designed for photos and videos and how to connect it with each user in the adalo database

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Im using google cloud storage. You could easily use aws s3 for your vids/images. Then just use the out of the box components that display the vids/images. I did cheat and create a collection that “indexes” all my available s3/google cloud storage images so that i could just map to the URL that i inserted into the adalo db connecton

thanks, I’m studying all the materials in your message, but my mechanic is users , the user adds photos and videos directly in the application. here the yurl address will not work to insert, or will it work? how can it be created?

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