How to fix position of Lottiefiles?

I am placing several Lottiefiles above each other, and show them by “Visibility: sometimes” + Database Entry “Lottiefile Name”, because there is no Magic Text in Lottiefiles component, but I wanna show animations (no GIFs) depending on the Detail Screen / item I am on.

It works, but the position of the animation is totally random, sometimes huge, sometimes too far on the left, etc. And it’s only 2 Lottiefiles for now, will be total chaos with 20.

How do you fix a position of an element perfectly, even if there are others above and below them but invisible?

Hello, try to create vertical groups (with rectangles and no spaces between them)


Align the lottie files over an invisible rectangle

Make sure that they are all aligned exactly against each other and touching both the top and bottom of the rectangle.


Big thanks to both of you, both methods work very well.