Making items full screen on any screen size

Has anyone found a good way of making things fill the screen, on multiple screen sizes.

In my editing board my video and button look like they’re going to fill the screen. When I press ‘preview’ they look very different.

  • Have I set my artboards up in a weird way?
  • Is there a way of filling the screen on all devices?

Any help appreciated!

You can use this trick outlined by Dilon. Essentially make the screen longer than any screen could be and make the component the full size. Adalo will scale down the component to fit the screen properly.




I do it on my app. As you can see here my image is much greater than the screen itself. This is how I’m pulling off a full screen bg image for my sound player within my app


Thank you @marklive and @TKOTC this does solve the issue!

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