How to get your app to show up in the 'Share...' menu on mobile? Like Pinterest

Hi, I’m trying to build a mobile app where you can save images directly from the web or other apps (e.g., Instagram) onto this app using the ‘Share to…’ or ‘Save to…’ menu. Similar to Pinterest if you want to save an image from the web directly to your pinterest board. Does anyone know if this is possible and if yes, how?

Hi @bb2022, and welcome to the community.

Have you tried the native option that Adalo provide for sharing?

There is one :wink:

can you explain how It works? I’m interest too

It’s very simple:

Use “Share” as the action and add the message/info you want to share when people tap on it.

I highly recommend, as always, test internally first.

Hi Charles, thanks for your reply! Just confirming, I’d like the share function to come up when the user clicks on an image/ info outside the app (i.e., an external website), and it shares to this app. Rather than the user clicking on an image/ info within the app and sharing elsewhere. Is that what this action would do? Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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