How to hard code a default datetime value during a database update?


I have a database for users that I’m using which has some properties for a date range filter I set on another screen. This particular app is for an event that has a predefined date range and a bunch of sessions within the event. Each time a user is created and selects their sessions, I want to set a default “start date” so my calendar widget starts on day 1 when they open the agenda. What I can’t figure out is how to enter the date in the date & time properties I have set up. I’ve tried unix time but that doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way I could just enter in February 27th 2023 into that field? I feel like I’m overlooking something simple here.

Hi @slothmike ,

You can check this cloneable app to see the database collection.

Wordalo Copy (

For example, if you put 19400 at that field, it is recognized as Feb 12, 2023.
Increase by 1 to get for the next day.

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