How to hit 2 buttons at the same time

I am trying to have two buttons overlay each other while having them both work with one click.
I am failing and need advice.
I have also tried to make the one button a group.
Please note that one button is PragmaFlows Social Share component, so it is imperative that I have the update function attached to another component.

Hmm, you need opposite. One button that execute several actions

That’s the issue though, the social share component doesnt allow for an action to just occur, unless its on a native device.


Could we get an Adalo expert on this?

Use 1 button and a hidden input plus countdown timers to perform the additional actions. When button#1 is pressed, conditionally display countdown timers to perform the actions you needed button#2 to perform.

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@Flawless Thanks for the response.
I am a little confused. Would you mind elaborating?
I do not understand how to use/get hidden inputs and countdown timers.

Use an input, countdown timer(s), and 1 button.

When the button is pressed, fill the input.

Use a countdown timer to perform the actions, but conditionally display it based on what you fill the input with.

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