How to implement modifiers for food items?

I need to have fields database collection that will let customers modify their food:

  • Choose a primary menu item
  • Show a dynamic field that contains select-able options based on the menu item chosen

Primary menu item: Hamburger
Options field for Hamburger: [Y]Lettuce [N]Pickles [Y]Onion

Is there such a field in Adalo?

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Hi blove,

I made a video about this awhile ago. How you set it up on depends on your app and how many menu variants you have and how dynamic you want it to be. If you don’t have that many, you could hard code it in. If it’s very dynamic, you’ll want to do it through collections and visibility.

Good evening Erik,
This is perfect and awesome!!!
Do you have any more jewels you can share?
Best regards,

haha you can check my youtube channel, there’re a lot of other little clips there of helpful tricks. If you have any other interesting questions, let me know. If I get enough requests for an issue, I try and make a video and share it with the community.

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Hello Erik,
QQ for the Menu Options… Let’s say that you have some menu options that you need to charge extra for. I have created an addition field in the Menu Options for price. But, how would I add that to the price or even subtract back out if the customer changes their mind?

That’s a little bit more complex, but you could have a menu options category. These are linked to the menu items and have a price associated with them. When a user selects a menu item, give them the ability to add the options to order. When checking out, you could embed a list in a list. The first list is the menu items, the embedded list is the variants per order. Use a toggle to allow users to add and remove options. As they do that, update the total order price, which could be menu item cost + option cost.


Erik, Ok trying to put this in place… not sure I follow “could have a menu options category”. Meaning, I have a collection of Menu Options. Why do we need a category? Is it so that we can split out paid vs. free options?

I know I asking you a lot of questions… but, I am willing to pay for coaching if needed.

this is my first week using Adalo… Thank you for your patience!!!

Well, welcome to Adalo! Great questions for the first week.

[Shameless self-promotion] I’m making a demo app similar to this for my Adalo course, I’ll be posting the full build tutorial there (plus the link the app if you have the pro plan).

When that’s all done, I’ll make an overview video and share it here. To give you an idea of how I’d structure it, see the image below. I’ll share an overview video later.

Thanks much Erik! Can’t wait to see it!!
I have my structure setup like this too.

Hello Erik! Signed up!

Hello Erik, I could not figure out a way to contact you from your portal. But, the videos are not loading.
Maybe I am missing something?

@blove you have to click the video twice to get it worked. Im a paid user on Erik’s tutorial as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you Ron for the suggestion!

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