Add-Ons Customization

I’m running up against a huge problem here. Does anybody know how to customize a “Choose Proteins” screen for restaurants where you create a dynamic customization where the client can customized each menu item to their liking? Each item’s customization is different. For example, for Curry, which is $9 but a choice of shrimp is $2 extra but another category of dishes such as soup will charge a different price for the shrimp add on of $3. How do you make that happen? I want the ability to be able to customize like this and make it so each restaurant can do their own customizing.

You will need to ad din the ability for users to add items to that collection. Make sure to have a relationship to the user collection (or to the restaurant collection) for who the creator/owner of the “Extra” was. That way you can filter by that later.

Are you meaning the Admin Users correct? I do have the ability for them to create a menu item and I create a relationship for the item to the user and the restaurant. But that still doesn’t take care of the fact that each restaurants have different customizations. I think I need a tutorial on this.

Perhaps you can hire an Adalo Expert for a short 1 hour coaching session.

(Also just to be clear - we (Adalo) do not make any money from the expert program. All money exchanged is direct between client and expert).

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Yeah, I’m thinking that’s what I’ll have to do to sort out my database and the relations. Thanks for your time, Colin!

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