How to customize a takeout order?

Hi Everyone,
I’m building a food delivery app, similar to UberEats. How can my end-user customize their orders?
For example, we sell takeouts, however the user needs to select between:

  • 1 (required) out of 3 options of rice
  • 1 (required) out of 2 options of beans
  • 2 (required) out of 3 options of salads

If the takeout size is small:

  • 2 (required) out of 5 options of meats

If the takeout size is medium or large:

  • 3 (required) out of 2 options of meats

I’m not able to find a way to build in a efficient collection and also how to represent that with the components available.

Originally, I’ve tried the following relationships:

Menu > Menu Items (one to many)
Menu Items > Menu Item Add-Ons (one to many)


Unless I don’t specify a column for each add-on, I don’t know what to do:

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I do have the same and implemented it as the following
regardless of the menu and menu items design, for each menu item I add addons-groups , and adding addons-items to these groups

***addons-group collection
addons group
*****addons-item collection
addons item
the min and max attributes in the group collection determine if this addons group is REQUIRED or OPTIONAL, like if the min is Zero then its optional, if min is more than Zero its required and the upper limit of selection capped by the max

to represent this I am using a custom component built specifically for this, and display as this


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Hi @mohmdfawzi , thank you for your reply. May I know what custom component are you using? Is it available in the Adalo marketplace?

No not availabe in market place
I paid for a developer to build this custom component for me