Requesting Notification Permissions

Hey Everyone!

I’m trying to set up notifications in my app and I see the first step is to add the request permission to send notifications action. Does this notifications request & the notifications that will be triggered only work in the actual app in the App Store / Testflight?

I’m asking this because I’m testing the app in the browser through the share link Adalo generates and I haven’t received the request for permissions or an actual notification.

Yes it is through the application, not the PWA. When you have your app installed through TestFlight, ensure that the user logged in the application is not the same as the logged-in user sending the notification.

I have a web app where I trigger a notification and wasn’t receiving them because I was logged in the web app with the same email as in the iPhone app. As soon as I logged in with another existing account in the database I started getting them in my iPhone.

I hope I’m explaining clearly.

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