Trigger notifications on Web App not working

Hi Adalo community, I have developed an employee management app(Native app and Web App). However I have an issue of not receiving the notification/s when I POST a new post Under “POST” or add a new Event to my calendar on the Web App. However these notifications are working when I add a new Event or Post with the native App(I have published the App on Google Play Store).

Screenshot of Trigger Notifications Implementation(Mobile App)

Screenshot of Trigger Notifications Implementation(Web App)

I would like your assistance on making my trigger notifications work on Web app. I thank you in advance.

This will only be able to work on mobile. Adalo currently doesn’t support push notification on web apps.

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To send notifications to your mobile app from the webapp, you have to go to screens → other apps and select your app

Hi @njimmy10 thanks ,but i still don’t understand what you mean by go to Screens :arrow_right: other Apps. Do you mean doing it like the screenshot below or you mean the screens in Editor ?

Hey guys. Did we ever get resolution to this. Client is asking for web apps to send notifications to mobile app users. Hearing a lot of mixed responses on if this works or how to make it work. @njimmy10 you are doing this now? The screens to other apps. Can you maybe just film a quick video of the setup you are using to make these notifications happen for mobile users?


Looking good. Will continue to test but thanks @njimmy10