How to improve the speed of list


Home screen of my app has some horizontal-list and Image-sliders.
It’s sometimes very slow to show images.

Is there some way to improve?

The images are on dropbox.

Should I change the cloud storage server?
Is horizontal list or image slider wrong?

Thank you for any help.

If you’re using really large images, consider using an API that can compress/scale the images so that they’re the optimal size for the app. You could also limit the number of maximum items displayed to show fewer records, which would be faster to load than all records of the collection.

HI @simm,
Besides the great tips already provided by Flawless, you should move your images to a cloud storage like AWS, Cloudinay, IMGIX, These are designed to store and serve images while Dropbox main purpose is general storage of data and not to serve images in Apps. These are all affordable and help you in scalability with your app growing.


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