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Hello ,

I have speed and responsiveness issues with my app! I would like to know if there are any tricks to improve this ? deleting some screens? deleting some datas?


When you say speed, do you mean the speed of editing the app or the speed of when using the app?

when using the app , espacially the auto refresh function on my lists

This depends on a few things.

How much data do you have?
How are your collections setup?
How big are your lists?

Lots of variables. A huge part of making any database work quicker is to use join tables and try not to use many to many relationships. Would you allow access to your app so I can take a look later and see what could be improved?

Sorry but it is a collaborative project so i can’t give you the access. I have 18 collections with maybe 5 to 10 datas rows for most of them. Is it too much ? most of the collection’s properties are texts.

You have to simple with your database, screens and more…

Here is a suggestion try making another app with same database, link them together and it may help.

That is very little data so it should be quick. I think the issue must be your collection design. Make sure you don’t have many to many relationships and use join tables instead.

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