How to link invisible component to visible component?

Hi, I wanna create Horizontal Chip List watching this movie.

I can’t understand one point in this movie…

How to link component “List with categories - classic style” to Horizontal List For Categories"?
Movie’s 1:23 have already linked.And the Arrow of component “Horizontal List -dashboard”'s linked to component “List with categories - classic style” is gone when 2:48.

I can’t do like 2:48…How to link?Please help me…

at 5:12, create new property in users collection as temporary variable

at 5:35, update that property when chip list selected

at 5:49, use it in add custom filter (all records)

This section you mentioned is OK.Problem is not there.

My problem have Components Link’s part.

My suggestion would be to create new app from scratch and follow the video to the letter, then you can use it as baseline.

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I’m sorry…I resolved it now…I missed “replicate the same behavior” in this video…
I think chip list needs select form but this is wrong…
Simply, The function of selected form changed to the function of chip list!

Thank you for your helping.

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