Horizontal chip list linking internally - help..?

I’m in a bit of a pickle…

I’m trying to use the horizontal chip list (which is fantastic assuming I can get it to work) as a navigation bar to link to other internal pages.
I’ve seen the following forum post Links from horizontal menu which @hobokencloud posted, but I can only get the chips linking to a single page, not the four separate pages I’m trying to link to.

I’ve tried using temp values following @Victor video (https://youtu.be/ppzrFS6Tl4Q) but still no joy calling separate pages.

@pfordmedia - when you say you can send users to a specific page, did you manage to send them to a different page based on which ‘chip’ they clicked/tapped?

@hobokencloud - you mentioned there were various ways to do this, do you have any documentation or videos you could share?

To set up my chip list, which I’m using as a navigation bar (navbar), I’ve created a collection which looks like the below screenshot (for reference ‘navitempagename’ is equal to the name of the pages I want to link to - this is me experimenting trying to get it to work) -

This is how I have the ‘navbar’ set up:

The first action updates the user with a temporary value with the name of the navbar item which has been tapped/clicked (I’m assuming this is correct…but don’t really know)

The second custom action should be a conditional (‘Sometimes’) link to the first of my pages I’d like to link to, in this instance ‘NewsGenLifeNews’ -

The third custom action is the same as the second, it’s just calling a different page (NewsMyOrganisations)

Hi @msmurfitt – You have everything set correctly, but the only difference is, instead of querying the logged in user temp field I have entered the name of the item as fixed text.

In your NewsGenLifeNews link action, I would have it set to Current NewsNavBar > NavItemName> is equal to> NavItemName (text value)

And not, is equal to> any input field or magic text

In theory, and most ideal, the way you have it set up should of work but I believe Adalo actions rules stop processing on the first item when using magic text (dynamic fields).

If you have many screens like me, this will be a daunting task for sure. The many other ways I got it to work also have some issues and a lot of work so they are not ideal either.

Eventually when we get states, there might be a chance to set conditions base on those states and not have to query or write temp items to the database unless needed. I am also hoping that we get some permalink/built in routing capabilities soon.

I am finding it easier, however slow, to group all the links from your menu areas in to one screen just for routing. This eliminates needing to copy and paste menus across the board when a change happens. Another perk is that you can add a spinning gif or text as a preloader if not just a blank/transparent screen.

Hope this helps for now,

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@hobokencloud Thanks so much for the help, really appreciate it.

I’ve tried the changes you suggested, but it’s not working…
What you’ve suggested makes perfect sense.
Here’s how I have it setup -

I wasn’t sure if I’d understood you correctly, so I also tried this :slight_smile:

I’m really struggling to fault the logic; if I remove the condition and test, the link works fine, albeit going to the same page regardless of what I press/tap. When I apply the logic…nothing!

I’ve also tried just having one link to remove any issue surrounding competing conditions…still no joy…there’s something fundamental here that I’m missing…

Like the idea about having a spinning gif btw, I’ll introduce that once I’ve got the links working… :slight_smile:

Interestingly when I use the dropdown box to select the conditions for the action to happen and select the ‘NavItemName’ (which then appears in red) it works, or rather the nav bar actually links to something - which it doesn’t do when the value is plain text:

I tried setting up a second link item on the navbar, but when it’s clicked it links to and opens the link on the first action. In fact, all four items on the navbar, when clicked, go to the link on the first custom action setup, even though only two of the four navbar items with a link attached to them…

Do you think there could be something weird in how I’ve setup the collection?

Sorry, I think what I wrote is still very confusing. Here is another attempt.

Given that you are showing the values in this image here is what I would do.

Link to NewsGenLiveNews Screen


Current NewsNavBar > NavItemName> is equal to> GenLife News

Note: Type in the text as it is written with spaces.

Link to NewsAllNews Screen


Current NewsNavBar > NavItemName> is equal to> General News

Note: Type in the text as it is written with spaces.

Link to NewsMyOrganizations Screen


Current NewsNavBar > NavItemName> is equal to> My Organisations

Note: Type in the text as it is written with spaces.

Link to NewMyProjects Screen


Current NewsNavBar > NavItemName> is equal to> My Projects

Note: Type in the text as it is written with spaces.

As long as the value is typed in and not needing to query the database or a field it should work. Once states are released, creating menu’s should be much more simplified and dynamic.

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Again, thanks so much @hobokencloud for your help, and for the time you’ve taken to write your instructions down :slight_smile:

I was just about to start writing that it wasn’t working, when I thought I’d do a little more testing…and I noticed something strange, that regardless of which link I clicked I went to the same page even though it wasn’t ‘top of the list’ of click actions. So, I removed that click action and testing after, all the page went to same page, even though there was absolutely no link in any click action.
So, I recreated a new horizontal chip nav bar with just two click actions, and it worked!
I added the remaining two click actions, and it still works!

Thank you @hobokencloud you’re a legend!

And for anyone coming after, this is what your click action should look like (although you’ll have to reference one of my previous screenshots of how I set up the collection) -

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Nice troubleshooting! Glad this worked for you as well.