How to make a to sided chat like Whatsapp

Does anyone know how to make a two sided chat like the image below:

Hi @bella ,

I create a template like this, if you search this forum for Group Chat.

The ultimate version is displaying checkmark indicator like that, similar but not exactly the same.


Check this out Demo - Chat Box
You can purchase the Chat Template from NoCode Monkey

I use it in my app and its great, no issues at all. As close as it can get to a real WhatsApp chat.
@Michael is the mastermind behind NoCode Monkey and can help with any of your questions

is it free?

No, its for $29. In my opinion, its well worth it. Its plug and play.

Before I purchased this component, I built my own chat within the app from scratch.
Took many hours of researching and designing and trial/error till it worked. But this was before there was even a chat component by nocode monkey.

Once they released it and I tried it, I got it right away. Totally worth it if chatting is an important feature within your app (in my case, it is).

i dont have any money tho is they a free alternative??

Spend more time searching on the forums, read the posts and build it yourself. Thats the free alternative

Here’s a video that you can start building freely like @Mohammed mentioned :+1: : Ultimate guide on how to create a CHAT feature in Adalo (Text, Images, Chatrooms, like WhatsApp) - YouTube

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