New component called Chat Box from No Code Monkey

Hello Everyone,

Today I visited to the No Code Monkey’s Component Marketplace for share a component to a user and then I saw a new, cool component called Chat Box!

In here the rectangle makes the auto adjustment based on the text and reply to a message like WhatsApp and have some more cool features! I’m like :

because this is really cool for chat apps!

Thanks Michael for creating this component! You are the man dude!

Check this component : Chat Box for Adalo | NoCode Monkey

Demo : Demo - Chat Box

Hope to see more components like this!

Also I think Michael is selling templates also now! Check here : Templates ( Demo : Demo - Chimp Chat )

Wishing you the best of luck!


Have a great day!


Haha, thanks @dilon_perera !!! You beat me to it.
Here’s some videos so you can see how it works.

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No code monkey is on fire :fire::fire::fire::fire: keep it up!


looks fantastic!

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Can I build group Chats too?

@MichaelApp The component can be used with any kind of chat. You would just replace your Rectangle+Text chat bubble with this component.

The template that we released does not have a group chat option but that’s a good suggestion. I can look at possibly adding that to the template.


Thank for make it, I really want to buy it. Can you give me the information when it build its still have loading time when sending the message?

Actually a really cool feature. But with the monthly action limit Adalo isn’t useable anymore:(

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