How to make a voice chat like discord?

this is random but anyone knows is it possible to make a voice chat like discord if it is show me how.

Hi, Yes it is possible to make voice chat/calling App. I found an article about Best Voice Chat APIs for web, android and iOS platform, it may helpful for you : Top 10 Best Voice Chat APIs for Mobile and Web Apps / Habr

Yeah, I figured that out! Welcome to Adalo, we’re happy to see you here!

Tried hard but this trick didn’t worked out.

Finding more ways will keep you guys updated if I find the solution.

So if you notice that was on JAN 15, I had no experience with adalo! From my experience, you either could make a component that has this feature, or even use third-party VC, but if you don’t know how to make a component then adalo is relating chat component that has voice calls, etc, that’s what I heard! Anyways, welcome to the form can’t wait to see what you build later! :partying_face:

Thanks also check I helped me!