How to Make Calendar Events Private to User-Created Events?

Hi everyone!

I was playing around with the Calendar Event app on Adalo (Clone Event Calendar to Jumpstart Your No Code App) and wanted to ask if anyone knows how to make the events created in the app private so only the user can see the events they created?

It looks like all the events created in the app are public so any user can view them and I want to make events private to only those created by the user.

Let me know if you know how to resolve this- Thank you!

Hi Ashley, welcome to the Adalo community.

To achieve this you need to make sure you have an ‘events’ collection and that it has a relationship with the user collection. So create a collection called events and click Add property > relationship > Users.

Then select the first relationship…

Now add your calendar and set the settings as follows…

That should be it. You should now only see the events for the logged in user.

Hope this helps. If it does than please mark my comment as the solution.

If you need any further help, please let me know.


Hi Craigo,

Thank you for this response! This was helpful—I was able to edit the collection so that is has a property associated with its users. I created a “User-Created Events” property. After testing it out, noticed though that my other screens that are lists that are supposed to show the records of the User-Created Events are empty. Even after uploading an image, when I go to the User-Created Events section in the Database collections, the number of records is 0. (Screenshots included)

Is there any way I can link the database so that records in User-Created Events are actually being uploaded in the Database?

Thank you so much for the help!


I was able to make the Calendar Events Private to User-Created Events and the images are being uploaded now into the database. The reason they weren’t showing up before is because I didn’t specify in the Submit Button to push the images to the respective database. I have another issue with the images not actually showing up properly for the image source but I’ll open a new question on the forum for it.


If you want certain users to see something make sure to add true/false

Hi Ashley, glad you was able to make the calendar events private. Did you open a new question or do you still need help with the image?

Hi Craigo,

I opened a new question here. I am having trouble with selecting an image source from my database.

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Like it doesn’t allow you to choose image to add to your website?

Hi B0untiful_26! The issue here was that all the events would show up even for those not added by the user. I want to use this functionality to be private so the user can only see the events created by them. I was able to make it private but now the issue is that image associated with the private event is not showing up! :frowning: Anything you know that ca n help would be greatly appreciated-thanks!

You can make user follows himself by using tick on homepage that user can see his posts.

Hi B0untiful_26, do you have a screenshot of where I can set it so the user follows himself? Can this setting make all the events uploaded by them private so only they can see what they uploaded?


Sure, so here is what to do.

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