How to make custom forms and link to a collection?

Let’s say we make our own ‘form’ with our own input fields and buttons. How can then we make this collection of inputs and button to behave as a Adalo form and connect to a collection?

Add whatever inputs you want, then create a button that will ‘save’. Set the click action of the button to ‘create’ and then choose the collection you want to add. You will get a form in the click action with all the properties of the collection. Using the magic text you assign the values of the inputs to the collection names. For nicer ux, after add other click actions to reset the inputs to empty


Thanks! On using the magic text to assign the values, I do not see an option to point to the specific input on the screen. Just couldn’t find a way to map the collection’s value to a specific component using the magic text.

Like this?


Thanks a ton! I was not naming the input boxes and on clicking magic text all I could see was ‘Input’ many times. :slight_smile:

I believe the process is different for a dropdown?

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